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Apple iPhone 6 64GB Unlocked GSM Phone w/ 8MP Camera – Gold

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$ 479.99
$ 399.00

Connect to your world on the go with the Apple iPhone 6 64GB GSM 4G LTE Smartphone. The iOS 8 operating system lets you navigate your device with ease. Take and share pictures, surf the Web and much more on this smartphone.

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by Talia

I got this phone, looked it over, and immediately noticed on the back top left there was a square of miscoloring ... but I thought the aesthetic doesnt matter to me as long as it works. Thats where my biggest problem is, it shuts off about every 10 minutes give or take if it isn't connected to a power cord. Battery life is a joke and the indicator on the screen is always wrong because I'll plug it in at 12% and it'll immediately jump to 45%. I'm going to call them and see if I can get it replaced as I bought the 2year warranty with it.

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